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Pet Rescue Team is a foster based Rescue Organization that is dedicated in rescuing neglected, abused, abandoned and homeless companion animals. We work primarily in the 3rd ward, Sunnyside and South Union neighborhoods of Houston, Tx.  We along with our volunteers are out on the streets feeding, medicating and keeping track of the street dogs. We do our best to gain their trust in order to get them off the streets and into foster homes where they will be socialized, trained, and fully vetted. Then we begin the process of finding a loving home to place them in where they will be forever loved.

We can only do what we do because of our supporters who volunteer to foster, and donate to help us provide for our rescue animals needs such as food, vetting and transport.

Part of our mission is to raise awareness in the community regarding the situation of the homeless and mistreated animals.

Over 50 % of pets are being euthanized every year. This statistic can change but this requires us people to get involved.

We can help these animals and lower the percentage of this inhumane procedure through adopting them from local shelters.

The major problem is that pets are reproducing rapidly, therefore increasing the pet population tremendously. In result a huge amount of puppies and kittens ending up homeless on the streets.

This can be avoided by having pets spayed or neutered. Please help us to help these precious and humble animals. They Need You More Than  You Can Imagine. Take a Chance Today and Save One Little Life…

You Won’t Regret This Decision… 


Pet Rescue Team needs your help.