Re-homing Your Pet


Spaying and Neutering of Your Dog

Spaying and Neutering of Your Dog Spaying and neutering of dogs are highly recommended, however these activities need to be carried out by qualified veterinarians. Anesthesia is required along with due surgical procedures for carrying out the … [Continue reading]

Social Benefits to Owning a Pet

We have all seen the movies or commercials where the cute guy is walking his equally cute dog and manages to strike up conversations with women everywhere along the way. It is true that owning a pet opens up several social aspects for its … [Continue reading]

Great Ways a Pet Can Improve Your Health

  While a pet brings unconditional love to us, there are many other real and tangible benefits along the way as well. Did you know that your dog or cat can improve your health. There are mental benefits, physical benefits, social benefits, and … [Continue reading]

How To Prevent Grain Weevils From Contaminating Your Pet Food!

    I recently noticed some little brown bugs in one of the boxes of dog treats. And since we keep quite a large amount for our  rescues, I decided to do a bit of research. Here is what I discovered. They are Grain Weevils that … [Continue reading]

Before You Adopt a Pet

Pet adoption needs to be very well thought out!!! Always be aware that  pet adoption is a big step that will have a huge impact on the the animal as well as your family's life . We must always remember that pets are living creatures, just … [Continue reading]

Blind Aussie Mix Desperately needs Help!

This is Dopey and he is a 2-3 year old Aussie Mix.  He is also blind.  This is why he is curled up in the corner.  He has no idea where he is because he can not see.  He is terrified because he does not know what is happening to him and is unsocial … [Continue reading]

Having a Blind Dog.

Once Gracie started losing her eye sight, I started to worry more and didn't know what I would do next. I didn't know how to train Gracie to get along without her eye sight. I was so confused and was panicked about how to care for her. I was … [Continue reading]

Diabetes and Blind Pets

A Diabetic Road to Blindness A little over 5 years ago I adopted my beautiful miniature black poodle, Gracie. She has become more than just a pet, she is a member of our family and is very loved. I would do anything for her to make sure she is … [Continue reading]

Accidental Poisoning

Basic Poisoning Prevention It’s hard to know everything we should do to protect our pets from poison. We do our best, but we may not think about everything that could be hazardous to a pet. Anything we drop, spill or knock over could potentially … [Continue reading]