CBD For Dogs With Arthritis

Your Dog Has Arthritis So What Can You Do…

I have heard so many stories, from people desperately trying to cope with the drugs that their Vet has prescribed for their pet’s pain. Often several different types of drugs, plus steroids .
Juggling the way each one must be administered, the timing of dosages and their own work schedules, it can be a frustrating struggle. And often their pet is so lethargic, on the medications that they just cannot enjoy a good quality of life.

I Ask Myself What Can I Do ?

Honestly, I strive to provide natural, healthy alternatives for all my pet’s needs .
The same as I seek for my own health and wellbeing.
When my senior dogs, began showing symptoms of Arthritis, I turned to CBD Hemp oil.
Watching them suffer through attempting to find the right combination of Veterinary medications, was simply not my first choice.

My Experience

Skeeter, my 12 year old beagle mix, was the first to experience the wonders of CBD.
He developed arthritis in his front shoulder.
I put him on an aspirin regime that did little for his pain and within a week, he had developed an intestinal issue. ( blood in his stool)Scratch the aspirin.
Now poor Skeeter’s pain had become debilitating. He could barely lift his head without crying out, in pain.
Enter CBD Hemp oil.
After one dose (6 drops of 125 mg), Skeeter was sitting up, comfortably. 2 doses and he was up and walking to the door to go ” potty”.Needless to say, after 2 full days of 2 doses (daily) of CBD, Skeeter was back to his old self !! Anyone with a Beagle knows what THAT means !!

What Does This All Mean ?

CBD is an all natural, herbal supplement that works with the body’s natural desire and ability to heal itself.
It is not a drug that reduces your pet’s quality of life, by sending them into a state of lethargy.
CBD is an anti inflammatory that reduces the swelling that happens, naturally, as a sort of protective shield, when the body suffers injury and/or pain…CBD is the healing property that the body, naturally seeks.
If you are reading this, I would assume that you are seeking answers.. relief, for a dearly beloved pet.
CBD Hemp is my “go to” choice. It is all natural.. works in harmony with what you’re pet’s own body is already capable of.It can’t hurt. And, trust me, it WILL work.


Post written by animal advocate,

Tina Kemp Wright 

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