Diabetes and Blind Pets

A Diabetic Road to Blindness A little over 5 years ago I adopted my beautiful miniature black poodle, Gracie. She has become more than just a pet, she is a member of our family and is very loved. I would do anything for her to make sure she is … [Continue reading]

Accidental Poisoning

Basic Poisoning Prevention It’s hard to know everything we should do to protect our pets from poison. We do our best, but we may not think about everything that could be hazardous to a pet. Anything we drop, spill or knock over could potentially … [Continue reading]

Snake vs Dog

Snakebites The pets most vulnerable to venomous snake bites are dogs, but much of the information here will work equally well if another pet is bitten by a snake. If your pet is bitten by a snake, do not cut X marks over the bite with a knife and … [Continue reading]

So What Do You Want From Me???

Communicating With Your Pet People and dogs don't speak the same language. I wonder what we would hear from them if they actually could speak our language? They do not understand the meaning of words, but they learn to associate (and they are … [Continue reading]

Choosing Your Pet

What Pet is Right for You & Your Family? While making the decision to buy a puppy many people wonder about the choice of race and gender, but really very few people have a thorough knowledge of the character and aptitudes of individual … [Continue reading]

Save Me…I Don’t Want to Die

The Day I Should Never Forget I will never forget this...deep beautiful eyes of the sweetest creation under the stars. Little puppy Lab looked at me...it was the Houston's animal shelter. "Friends of Barc ". This moment was … [Continue reading]

Can Nature Kill Your Pet…???

Poisonous Plants for Dogs & Cats Did you know that over 700 plants have been found poisonous for companion animals? You can find a complete list at the Human Society of the United States website. Some of the varieties you need to know about … [Continue reading]

Is Your Home Healthy & Safe for Your Pet?

Household Dangers You May Not Know About  Just like you, we want to make our pets lives better and happier. Often looking after our animals can be as challenging as taking care of a new born child, don't you agree? As pet owners, we worry about … [Continue reading]