Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety, What Can You Do About It ?



I have heard many people state," My dog suffers from anxiety, so my Vet prescribes..."


So, first, I would like to clarify "anxiety ". What does that really mean, in your pet' case, specifically?
Is your pet " fearful " in certain situations ?

A) fear of thunder (loud, booming noises)
B) fear of new people, new situations

Does your pet become "stressed " in given situations?Does your pet " act out" when in stressful situations ?

A). When left alone, my pet becomes destructive
B) When there is too much activity in/around my home, my pet hides, trembles, drools.
Just a couple examples of Stress.


CBD Hemp Oil and Anxiety in Your Pet


In Rescue, I have witnessed all of the above , in many of the dogs that have come in from Dog Control facilities and Shelters.They are in a constant state of confusion and uncertainty.
Even dogs that have been placed in Rescue, by their owners, are often stressed and fearful, after losing the only family, home and surroundings they have ever known.
Certainly, rescuers must be compassionate, understanding of what each individual dog is going through.

Often, however, a tender touch and calming voice does little to calm the mix of emotions that the dog is experiencing.
I have been in Rescue, for more years than I am willing to admit. Have seen the terrors on the faces and in the body language of many, many " Rescued" dogs. Have been through the slow, agonizing process of trying to help them through the understanding that they " are safe now".. the realization that " no one will ever hurt you again ".
It is, sometimes a process that can take weeks, months, even years in some cases.


So how did I found out about CBD oil ???


A couple of years ago, I became aware of CBD Hemp oil. I was, actually, researching for myself, as I sought alternate treatment for my Chronic Leukemia.
I found a massive amount of information on the benefits of CBD Hemp oil, for people AND PETS !!

I found a site, on Facebook...did more reading, watching videos, reading testimonials... Then I ordered.
You see I foster the Senior dogs, the Special Needs dogs, the ones that have " fear based " issues, that no one else wants to deal with.

The CBD Hemp oil has been an immense life saver, for my dogs and my nerves !!!
This " miracle oil" has :
Calmed my obsessive/ compulsive Staffie/Jack, so that she no longer bites, digs and chews herself raw.
Healed 2 of my arthritic seniors.. yes, HEALED !! You read that right !!!

But, I am getting ahead of myself.
We are talking Anxiety...
With this oil, your anxious pet, will rest comfortably in their crate.

Your anxious pet will sleep, peacefully through a thunderstorm.
Your anxious "rescued dog", will have the ability to relax and accept that tender touch and actually hear your calming voice telling them, " you are safe now "

As a Rescuer, I will never be without CBD Hemp oil again.

Post written by animal advocate,

Tina Kemp Wright 

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